Who sings the gospel song won& 39?

Tremaine Kovacek asked a question: Who sings the gospel song won& 39?
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Later this year, Hawthorne was nominated for the 49th Annual GMA Dove Awards in two categories: New Artist of the Year and Contemporary Gospel/Urban Recorded Song of the Year for her debut single "Won't He Do It", and won the latter.

Who is the best selling gospel artist of all time?

  • Kirk Franklin (born 1970) By merging hip-hop with gospel, Kirk Franklin has created some controversy on his way to becoming perhaps the best-selling gospel artist of all time, with more than 13 million album sales. He has won 12 Grammys and enjoyed success leading urban gospel choirs such as The Family, God’s Property and One Nation Crew (1NC).
  • Upon hearing the story, Hezekiah Walker, the Grammy Award-winning gospel singer of “Every Praise” flew from New York City to Atlanta to meet Willie. "It's just emotional to me because you never know who you're going to touch," said Walker. “I just wanted to hug him and tell him I love him.” Advertisement

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