Which gospel was written to early christians?

Lee Waelchi asked a question: Which gospel was written to early christians?
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  • Mark is the earliest gospel written, probably, shortly after the war that destroyed the Temple, the war between Rome and Judea. And Mark presents one type of Jesus with a particular narrative where Jesus begins in the Galilee and he ends his life in Jerusalem.

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It is likely that all the gospels were written to early Christians.Mark's Gospel was the first of the gospels, written around 70 CE. It appears to have been written to believers, although a secondary audience might have been the Romans who were suspicious of the new religion and who could have been pacified by being shown that Christians were actually Jews who also followed a holy man.Matthew's Gospel is often said to have been written to the Jews, but modern Jews say that errors in the Gospel would have quickly been detected by any Jews, and they do not believe that it could have been written for Jews. At most it was written for Jews of the diaspora and, if so, more likely for Jewish Christians. The author was at pains to demonstrate the antiquity of Christianity, by frequent references to the Old Testament, but this is more likely to have been defensive than to appeal to pious Jews.Luke's Gospel is addressed to an unknown patron, Theophilus. Some theologians see Theophilus as a symbolic name, representing all Christians. Whether or not there was a real Theophilus, few seem him as the primary audience for Luke. It was more likely written to members of a community that was already using a copy of Mark's Gospel and were therefore Christians. The author was at pains to demonstrate the historicity of Jesus so, like Matthew, this Gospel might have had as a secondary audience those who scoffed at the new religion.John's Gospel is widely considered to have been written to a local Christian community now known as the Johannine community. This may well have been a community of Gnostic Christians.

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