Where was matthew's gospel written?

Guillermo Ebert asked a question: Where was matthew's gospel written?
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  • Antioch and the Gospel of Matthew By considering cultural history and other ancient texts, scholars tend to agree that the Gospel of Matthew may have been written in Antioch (in modern-day Turkey).

The author wrote for a community of Greek-speaking Jewish Christians located probably in Syria (Antioch, the largest city in Roman Syria and the third-largest in the empire, is often mentioned).

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Some other answers from our comunity:The Gospel of Matthew is traditionally believed to have been written in Palestine by Matthew, one of the disciples. Some even believe it must have been written in Aramaic, the language of Jesus and the disciples, before being translated into Greek.In fact, Matthew's Gospel was originally anonymous and was only attributed to Matthew later in the second century. Modern scholars say that the gospel could not have been written by an eyewitness to the events portrayed, which rules out Matthew as its author. It was originally written in Greek Koine, which can be confirmed by reading it synoptically ('with the same eye' - in parallel) with Mark and Luke, in the original Greek language. So much of the material in Matthew, Mark and Luke can be seen as identical when read in Greek, that the only credible explanation is that two of the gospels were copied in Greek from the third. Scholars have established that the original gospel was Mark, and that Matthew and Luke were based on that gospel.Having been written in Greek Koine, the lingua franca of the Near East, Matthew was probably written in the Near East for a local audience. It was not written in Palestine for a Jewish audience, which would have been more familiar with Aramaic, nor was it written in Greece, where classical Greek would have been the language of choice. The author's familiarity with the magi(who were actually priests of the Persian religion) suggests that Matthew's Gospel may well have been written in Syria or Iraq.AnswerSome parts in Palestine. Others in Antioch, Syria.AnswerMost theologians regard Matthew's account as the most Jewish account of Jesus' life. Unlike Luke's gospel, wirtten by a Gentile and where Jewish customs are described and explained, in Matthew's account many Jewish customs are mentioned without explanation as he expected his readers to understand fully without any firther elaboration. Also, he uses prophecy a great deal to show that jesus is the promised Messiah.Therefore, as Matthew was writing to the Jews, and because he conducted much of his ministry in Israel, theologians believe that his Gospel was written in Jerusalem or its environs.

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