When portuguese jesuits met king afonso i of kongo he was practicing what religion?

Fanny Harris asked a question: When portuguese jesuits met king afonso i of kongo he was practicing what religion?
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He studied with Portuguese priests and advisers for ten years in the kingdom's capital. Letters written by priests to the king of Portugal paint Afonso as an enthusiastic and scholarly convert to Christianity.


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❔ What is the portuguese religion?

  • Religious Beliefs In Portugal. The majority of Portuguese are Roman Catholic Christians, with smaller numbers of irreligious people and religious minorities. A Catholic procession in Prozelo, Greece. Portugal has no state or official religion, but the most predominant religion in the country is Christianity.

❔ What was the religion of the kongo kingdom?

  • The Kongo Kingdom adopted a form of Catholicism and was recognised by the Papacy, preserving the beliefs for nearly 200 years. The largest expansion of Christianity occurred under Belgian colonial rule.

❔ What religion did the portuguese spread?

The creation of the Portugal Empire in the 15th century led to the spread of Catholicism in Portugal and its colonies in Africa and South America.

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That is currently happening. Several governments limit the freedom of religion. As an example, in Iran, if you change your religion (from Muslim to something else) you can get executed for "apostasy".

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“Jailhouse religion”—the sudden desperate piety of an inmate who's up against it and hopes that God will somehow bail him out… Likewise, we often hear stories of criminals and prisoners who have experienced dramatic turnarounds as a result of a spiritual conversion.

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Jamaica is made of different people,who belong to different ethnic groups,who belong to different races,who belong to different religions...the most common religion in Jamaica is Christianity. christian

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