What percent of zealand is jews?

Bert Marks asked a question: What percent of zealand is jews?
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In 2012 a book titled "Jewish Lives in New Zealand" claimed that there were more than 20,000 Jewish people in New Zealand, including non-practising Jews. There are seven synagogues. In the 2018 New Zealand Census, 5,274 identified as having a Jewish religion.

How many Jews are there in New Zealand?

  • In 1848, in New Zealand's total population of 16,000 there were known to be at least 61 Jews, 28 in Wellington and 33 in Auckland. The 2013 New Zealand census data gives 6,867 people identifying as having a Jewish affiliation, out of the total New Zealand population of 4.5 million.

What percentage of New Zealand's population is Jewish?

  • Jews constitute 0.16% of the population respectively. The two major centers of New Zealand Jewry are Auckland and Wellington, with smaller communities also residing in Christchurch and other cities.

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