What is the name of the fifth gospel?

Velda Dach asked a question: What is the name of the fifth gospel?
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To find the killer he must reconstruct the dead curator's secret: what the four Christian gospels—and a little-known, true-to-life fifth gospel known as the Diatessaron—reveal about the Church's most controversial holy relic.


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❔ What is the fifth gospel?

  • The Fifth Gospel ( Das fünfte Evangelium ), first published in Germany in 1993, is a novel by Philipp Vandenberg . The book deals with the discovery of a Coptic parchment that contains a gospel written by the son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The book was made famous by Dan Brown in his novel The Da Vinci Code, which was written 10 years later.

❔ Is there a fifth gospel?

  • “There are five Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…and the Christian. But most people never read the first four.” There are any number of books on how to do evangelism. This book is different―it’s an invitation to actually live out the message of the gospel. Jesus’s original intention was for ordinary people like you and me to live lives that point others to the only Person who can ...

❔ Was there a fifth gospel?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Fifth Gospel (Das fünfte Evangelium), first published in Germany in 1993, is a novel by Philipp Vandenberg. The book deals with the discovery of a Coptic parchment that contains a gospel written by the son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

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