What impacts on religion have occured because of changes in communication and transportation?

Elizabeth Langworth asked a question: What impacts on religion have occured because of changes in communication and transportation?
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❔ What changes did paul make in the christian religion?

We can not really be sure what changes Paul made in the Christian religion. Certainly, his epistles make it plain that on Paul's initiative, Gentiles were permitted to become Christians without first becoming Jews and submitting to circumcision, although Acts of the Apostles does dispute this, crediting Peter with the reform.Paul says that he went to Jerusalem to communicate to the brethren that gospel that he taught among the Gentiles, because he did not know whether the gospel he taught accorded with that of the Jerusalem church: 'And I went up by revelation, and communicated unto them that gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, but privily to them which were of reputation, lest by any means I should run , or had run, in vain.'(Galations 2:2.) What Paul leaves unanswered is why the Jerusalem brethren needed to be informed what gospel he preached among the Gentiles, and how it differed from that of the Jerusalem church. Is Christian teaching today more similar to what Paul taught or more like what the Jerusalem church taught?

❔ What significant christian event occured on patmos island?

A book now known as the Book of Revelation was written, or at least compiled from various other writings, on the island of Patmos, by an otherwise unknown author called John. The Church Fathers included this book in the Christian canon in case the author, John, were the apostle John. However, modern scholars say this author clearly was not the author of John's Gospel or the epistles, so they now often refer to him as John of Patmos.

❔ What countries have free religion?

  • Sweden. Religious Freedom: 10…
  • New Zealand. Religious Freedom: 9…
  • Denmark. Religious Freedom: 8…
  • Belgium. Religious Freedom: 7…
  • United Kingdom. Religious Freedom: 6…
  • United States. Religious Freedom: 5…
  • Australia…
  • Norway.

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One of the greatest impacts has been that the Gospel can now reach every corner of the world. Robert

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What kind of religion does bolivia have?

The largest religion of bolivia is roman catholicism due to its importation by Simon Bolivar, a spanish explorer.

What kind of religion does mongolia have?

The main religion in Mongolia is Tibetan Buddhism.

What kind of religion does morocco have?
  • The main religion in Morocco is Islam, which is the state religion, however freedom of religious belief is not guaranteed to all. Officially, 99% of the population are Muslims, and virtually all of those are Sunni. Polls and surveys have found that 80-95% of its population is at least somewhat religious.
What kind of religion does zanzibar have?
  • About 98 percent of the population in Zanzibar is Muslim. There are also active communities of other religious groups, primarily on the mainland, such as Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, and Bahá'ís.
What religion do people in yemen have?
  • Islam is the official religion in Yemen and legislation is firmly founded in Sharia Law. The constitution allows for the freedom of worship, and other religions other than Islam are not required to register but have an obligation to obtain permission to build worship places.
What type of religion does honduras have?
  • The official religion of Honduras is Christianity. Roman Catholicism is the largest denomination followed by the members of Anglican, Presbyterian , Methodist, Seventh-day Adventist, and Lutheran churches . There are also a few Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, and members of the Baha'i, and Rastafari faith.
What type of religion does russia have?

Russia has Eastern Orthodox Christians, some born-again Christians, some atheists, and some regions of Russia have Muslims.

Did victorians have a religion?

Victorians did have religion although many had waning feelings towards religion. They were starting to get interested in scientific things which made it harder for them to have full faith in religion.

What kind of religion did the aryans have?
  • The Aryan religion was based primarily on ancient texts called the Vedas, which recorded and described religious practices, beliefs, and philosophies. The word 'Veda' means vision, wisdom, and knowledge, and the Aryans believed that the Vedas were direct messages from the gods made accessible in human language.
What kind of religion did the norwegians have?
  • Early Norwegians, like all of the people of Scandinavia, were adherents of Norse paganism; the Sámi having a shamanistic religion. Norway was gradually Christianized by Christian missionaries between 1000 and 1150. Before the Protestant Reformation in 1536/1537, Norwegians were part of the Catholic Church .
What kind of religion do the comoros have?
  • Sunni Islam of the Chafeite rite is the dominant religious and cultural standard. Many Comorians also believe in the power of djinn , and other spirits of the earth. These beliefs derive from Arab, African, and Madagascan traditions. People also believe in a concept of cosmic balance that grew out of Arab astrology.
What kind of religion do the maronites have?
  • The Maronites believe that their heritage dates back to the time of Jesus. In 687, they appointed their own patriarch and since 1180, their religion is officially recognized as a branch of the Roman Catholic Church.
What kind of religion does costa rica have?
  • Religion in Costa Rica. Roman Catholicism is the state religion of Costa Rica, and Christian values are present in many aspects of daily life. Town names often begin with San or Santa; familiar expressions include "If God wishes it" and "God bless," and every city has a Catholic church.
What kind of religion does dominican republic have?
  • Dominican Catholicism is an eclectic mix of Roman Catholic traditions and African-rooted religions/ceremonies, or Santeria, and is widespread in the Dominican Republic. There are some small Protestant, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, Mormon and Jewish communities throughout the Dominican Republic as well.
What kind of religion does equatorial guinea have?
  • The principal religion in Equatorial Guinea is Christianity, the faith of 93% of the population. Roman Catholics make up the majority (87%), while a minority are Protestants (5%).
What kind of religion does guinea bissau have?
  • There are diverse religions in Guinea-Bissau with no one religion having a majority. The CIA World Factbook (2018) states there are about 40% Muslims, 22% Christians, 15% Animists, and 18% unspecified or other. The country's per-capita gross domestic product is one of the lowest in the world .
What kind of religion does ivory coast have?
  • The main Religions in Ivory Coast are Islam and Christianity. According to recent estimates by CIA, Islam (mainly Sunni) is practiced by 38.6% of the population, Christianity by 32.6%, 16.7% of the population is Irreligious, while 11.9% of the population follows Animism i.e., Traditional African religion and other religions.
What kind of religion does poppy have now?
  • As Business Insider tells us, Poppy has taken this to the next level by actually having a religion of her own. In fact, she didn't even have to found it herself, as a huge fan put it together for her. Appropriately enough, the religion is called Poppyism, and its "holy book" is a Google doc called The Gospel of Poppy.
What kind of religion does saint lucia have?
  • Saint Lucia is a member of La Francophonie. According to the 2010 census, 90.2% percent of the population of Saint Lucia is considered Christian, 2.3% has a non-Christian religion and 5.9% has no religion or did not state a religion (1.4%).
What kind of religion does saint vincent have?
  • Almost everyone in Saint Vincent is a Christian, and most Christian denominations are represented. A native religion, a combination of African rituals and Christian liturgy, has formed on Saint Vincent. Its followers are known as the Converted, or Spiritual Baptists.
What kind of religion does san marino have?
  • San Marino is a predominantly Catholic state: over 97% of the population profess the Catholic faith, but Catholicism is not an established religion. Approximately half of those who profess to be Catholic practice the faith. There is no Episcopal see in San Marino.
What kind of religion does the swazis have?
  • Swazi Religion in Swaziland. The Swazi religion refers to the traditional African beliefs and practices of the Swazi people. It instills belief in a supreme creator, ancestral and other spirits, and various indigenous rituals and ceremonies.
What kind of religion does the turkmen have?
  • 89% of the Turkmen of Turkmenistan are affiliated to Islam and acknowledge Islam as an integral part of their culture. The central Asian country of Turkmenistan has no official religion, and there is provision for freedom of religion in the country’s constitution.
What type of religion does costa rica have?
  • Religious Beliefs and Spirituality in Costa Rica. You are here: Countries / Costa Rica. The official religion of Costa Rica is Roman Catholicism. Approximately 69% of the country's population is Roman Catholic. Protestant Christians consist of the members of the Baptist, Evangelical, Methodist, and Episcopal Churches .
What are the characteristics of christian communication?
  • Christian communication is produced by the Spirit and is motivated by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). These attributes describe the work of the Spirit and the way in which Christ Himself communicated.