What deacon took the gospel to samaria?

Philip Maggio asked a question: What deacon took the gospel to samaria?
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According to Acts 8.4–5 Philip was among the Christians who were forced to leave Jerusalem after the martyrdom of Stephen. He preached the gospel with great success in Samaria (Acts 8.5–12), where Simon Magus became one of Philip's converts (Acts 8.13).


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❔ Can a deacon proclaim the gospel?

  • In the liturgical setting, only the priest or deacon can proclaim the Gospel. At his ordination, a priest or deacon is given the privilege to officially proclaim the Gospel during the liturgy.

❔ Did phillip preach the gospel in samaria?

Yes he did (Acts 8:5-13).

❔ Did phillip take the gospel to samaria?

He preached and reportedly performed miracles in Samaria, and met and baptised an Ethiopian man, a eunuch, on the road from Jerusalem to Gaza, traditionally marking the start of the Ethiopian Church (Acts 8:26-39). ... Philip the Evangelist.

Saint Philip the Evangelist
Died11 October (1st century)

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