People who speak the same language practice the same religion and observe same customs share a common?

Alfonso Gleichner asked a question: People who speak the same language practice the same religion and observe same customs share a common?
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❔ What is the most common religion practice in panama?

Panama's most common religion practice is Roman Catholicism.

❔ What does religion do congo people practice?

  • The rest of the population practice traditional African Religion or atheism. Roman Catholicism is the most widely practiced form of Christianity with over 33% of the total population adhering to its beliefs and teachings. Around 2 million people in Congo are Catholics. The country has one archdiocese and seven dioceses.

❔ What does religion do laos people practice?

  • The predominant religion of Laos is Theravada Buddhism. Buddhism was the state religion of the prerepublic kingdom of Laos, and the organization of the community of monks and novices, the clergy (sangha), paralleled the political hierarchy. Buddhists-largely lowland Lao-account for about half the country's people.

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They share a common culture.

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What religion do most people practice in turkey?
  • The Selcuks were responsible for converting large numbers of the native peoples of Anatolia . Today, although modern Turkey is a secular republic, Islam is the religion of 98% of the population of Turkey.
Do people in france have freedom to practice any religion?
  • The citizens of France have a constitutional right of freedom to practice any religion that interests them. Though the early history of France depicts a strong compulsion of practicing Christianity as the religion of state, in modern France, all such regulations have been abolished, making France a truly secular nation.
What religion do most people in france and italy practice?

The same as most of Europe: Christianity.

What religion does africa practice?
  • Religion in Africa is multifaceted. Most Africans adhere to either Christianity or Islam. Many adherents of either religion also practice African traditional religions, with traditions of folk religion]or syncretism practised alongside an adherent's Christianity or Islam.
What religion does spain practice?

The religion most practised is Catholicism and this is highlighted by important popular festivals, such as during Holy Week. Other religions practised in Spain are Islam, Judaism, Protestantism and Hinduism, which have their own places of worship that you can find on the Ministry of Justice search engine.

What language did jesus primarily speak?
  • Jesus, as God incarnated in human form, could have spoken any language He chose. In His humanity, Jesus likely limited Himself to the languages common to His culture: Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek. Jesus likely spoke whichever of the three languages was most appropriate to the audience He was addressing.
What language did the jesus speak?

Hebrew was the language of scholars and the scriptures. But Jesus's "everyday" spoken language would have been Aramaic. And it is Aramaic that most biblical scholars say he spoke in the Bible.

What does thailand practice as religion?
  • Buddhism is the main religion of Thailand, with nearly 95% of the population identifying as Buddhist. Most Thai people practice the older, more conservative Theravada Buddhism rather than the younger Mahayana Buddhism. Freedom of religion is protected under the Thai constitution, so strong congregations of Muslims, Christians, and various other faiths are present across the country.
What religion do nigeria practice most?

From Wikipedia: "Nigerians are almost equally divided into Christians and Muslims..." with small numbers of other minorities.

Which countries practice freedom of religion?
  • Sweden. Religious Freedom: 10…
  • New Zealand. Religious Freedom: 9…
  • Denmark. Religious Freedom: 8…
  • Belgium. Religious Freedom: 7…
  • United Kingdom. Religious Freedom: 6…
  • United States. Religious Freedom: 5…
  • Australia…
  • Norway.
What language did jesus speak in jerusalem?
  • Speaking to the pope through an interpreter, Netanyahu declared: “Jesus was here, in this land. He spoke Hebrew.” Francis broke in, correcting him. “Aramaic,” he said, referring to the ancient Semitic language, now mostly extinct, that originated among a people known as the Aramaeans around the late 11th century B.C.
What language did mark the evangelist speak?

It was written in Greek, for a gentile audience, and probably in Rome, although Galilee, Antioch (third-largest city in the Roman Empire, located in northern Syria), and southern Syria have also been suggested.

What language did jesus speak in the bible?
  • Jesus Was Likely Multilingual Most religious scholars and historians agree with Pope Francis that the historical Jesus principally spoke a Galilean dialect of Aramaic. Through trade, invasions and conquest, the Aramaic language had spread far afield by the 7th century B.C., and would become the lingua franca in much of the Middle East.
What language did paul speak in the bible?

Although it is known (from his biography and from Acts) that Paul could and did speak Hebrew, modern scholarship suggests that Koine Greek was his first language.

What religion do they practice in afghanistan?
  • The main and official religion of Afghanistan is Islam, which represents around 99 percent of the country's population of 33 million. More than 80 percent of Afghan Muslims practice Sunni Islam, while a small minority identify as Shia.
What most common religion in thailand?


What religion is common in croatia?

According to the 2011 census, 86.3 percent of the population is Catholic, 4.4 percent Serbian Orthodox, and 1.5 percent Muslim. Nearly 4 percent self-identify as nonreligious or atheist. Other religious groups include Jews, Protestants, and other Christians.

What religion is common in peru?

Roman Catholic is the most common religion affiliation in Peru. In a survey carried out between October and December of 2020, almost 70 percent of Peruvian respondents claimed to be of catholic faith, whereas the second most chosen religion was Evangelism, with around 17 percent of the people interviewed.

Why do filipinos not practice their religion fully?
  • Since Filipino Christians are mostly unfamiliar to their religion, they do not practice their religion fully despite that they are born Christians. They are growing to be more confused about their religion, and end up losing the essence of it as they grow older.
Do people in peru practice catholicism?
  • The indigenous people of Peru practice Catholicism in a way that incorporates many of their traditional beliefs; Catholicism in Peru is full of pre-Columbian symbolism and ritual elements. This blending of beliefs is evident in the religious festivals that take place across Peru throughout the year.
What religions do balkan people practice?

In Croatians are Catholic Christians, Serbs are Orthodox Christians, Bosnian are mostly muslims, Macedonians are Christians like Bulgarians and Romanians, in Greek we have Orthodox and Catholics Christians, Montenegrians are Christians and Slovenians there are Christians and there is muslims. I think so ;)

What is the most common australian religion?
  • The most popular religion in Australia, overall, still remains to be Christianity . About 52% of the population follows one of the religion's facets - from Catholicism to Lutheranism. The next most common religions came in at astoundingly lower percentages than their counterparts - Islam (2.6%) and Buddhism (2.4%).