Is the gospel of thomas authentic?

Craig Price asked a question: Is the gospel of thomas authentic?
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Gospel of thomas: why is it not in the bible?

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They generally believe that although the text was composed around the mid-2nd century, it contains earlier sayings such as those originally found in the New Testament gospels of which Thomas was in some sense dependent in addition to inauthentic and possibly authentic independent sayings not found in any other extant ...

  • Certainly not authentic in the sense that the Gospel of Thomas carries the same credibility as the canonical Gospel records: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. There is considerable evidence that the document that is called the “Gospel of Thomas” was not authored by the apostle who bore that name.
  • Some scholars continue to insist that the so-called "Gospel of Thomas" is as authentic as the canonical Gospel records. What are the facts of this matter? Christian Courier Articles Recent ArticlesAlpha IndexSurprise MeAuthor Index Topics Topical Index Info AboutContact Is the Gospel of Thomas Real or Fake? By Wayne Jackson

John P. Meier has repeatedly argued against the historicity of the Gospel of Thomas, stating that it cannot be a reliable source for the quest of the historical Jesus and also considers it a Gnostic text. He has also argued against the authenticity of the parables found exclusively in the Gospel of Thomas.

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8. the gospel of thomas

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The gospel of thomas