Is it bad to question gospel doctrines?

Adele Dooley asked a question: Is it bad to question gospel doctrines?
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It is normal to have questions about the gospel and even to experience doubt. Pondering your unanswered questions can often be healthy if it motivates you to sincerely seek greater knowledge and truth.

What are the effects of false doctrine on Christians?

  • False doctrine makes spiritually unhealthy, immature, ignorant Christians who may be no Christians at all. The fifth test is the test of godly living. Sound doctrine has value for godly living, false doctrine leads to ungodly living.

Let them know that having questions or concerns is not a sin. Teach them that their concerns can be resolved through praying sincerely, pondering the scriptures and the teachings of latter-day prophets, and listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

  • Yes; in fact, it is good to check it against the word of God or, as you put it, "go to scripture with our questions". It's also good to compare the teachings of "the roots movement" (or any other group) with the word of God, and to reject those teachings that contradict Scripture.


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  • The Scriptural Plan for Division. Many people speak as if unity is always good and division is always bad. But the fact is that unity and division are like love, faith, and many other Bible concepts: they are neither inherently good nor bad. Whether love is good or bad depends on what we love.

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  • I want to address what I see as false doctrines that are damaging the American church, ruining our witness, and causing division. 1. RELIGION GOSPEL This teaches that we are saved by our works. If you do this or if you don’t do that then Jesus will love you and save you. But you gotta be good or the moment you mess up your done.

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Leviticus 24 says that a person caught taking God's name in vain was to be stoned. It was a capital offense. God wants us to know that His name is important. When you misuse or disrespect God's name, you are offending the creator of the universe.

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