Is gospel singer lee williams still alive?

Michaela Grant asked a question: Is gospel singer lee williams still alive?
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Tupelo-native Lee Williams died on Monday morning from complications with dementia. Williams founded the group in the late 1960s in Tupelo, and become well-known in the gospel music industry… Williams was 75 years old.

  • Is Lee Williams still alive in 2021? No, he is no longer alive. It is very sad to say that Gospel singer and the founder of Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC’s passed away on August 30, 2021 in Tupelo, Mississippi. The death news was first confirmed from spiritual qc’s verified page. RIP Legend…. The world will miss you and your voice.

Did Lee Williams gospel singer die?

  • Gospel Music Fever. The gospel quartet music community mourns the passing of Wilbert Lee Williams, who died May 14, 2016. He was 57. Williams was a former member of the Mighty Clouds of Joy . He is featured on the group's albums Power, Live in Charleston, Together as One, and Gospel Legacy.

Lee Williams was a gospel singer and the leader of Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's. Died: August 30, 2021 (Who else died on August 30?) Details of death: Died at his home in Pontotoc, Mississippi at the age of 75.

Gospel music artist Lee Williams, the leader and founder of the award-winning Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's, has died. He was 75. Williams' death was announced Monday on the musical group's Facebook page.


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