How many gospel songs did elvis presley record?

Ryder Stiedemann asked a question: How many gospel songs did elvis presley record?
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Elvis presley - how great thou art (with reprise) - 13 december 1975, midnight show

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  • During his career, RCA released 11 Presley gospel records— 4 long play (LP) albums, 1 extended play (EP) album, and 6 single records. Peace in the Valley, an EP with four songs, was issued in April 1957. Elvis’s first gospel LP, His Hand in Mine, with 12 songs, appeared in November 1960.


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  • Elvis Presley may have been the rightful King Of Rock’n’Roll, but he could also take his place among the best gospel singers, and even won a Grammy for his version of “He Touched Me,” written by Andrea Crouch. Swedish musician Per-Erik Hallin, who toured with Presley for several years, said, “Elvis had a special relationship to gospel music.

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  • "Gotta Serve Somebody", "Pressing On" and "I Believe in You" are simply brilliant, moving works as good in their way as anything he's ever done. The only glaring omission from this excellent collection is the majestic "Every Grain of Sand" which in my opinion is not just his greatest gospel song-it is his greatest ever song!

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Elvis presley - how great thou art - live in portland, 11 november 1970 - second time performed live

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55 total. That's from 4 gospel albums, previously unreleased material and other singles (including his first gospel song, that was released as a single, "Crying in the Chapel").

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What is elvis most famous gospel song?
  1. 1. “ How Great Thou Art” (1967)
  2. 2. “ Crying in the Chapel” (1965) ...
  3. 3. “ Saved” (1968) ...
  4. 4. “ His Hand in Mine” (1960) ...
  5. 5. “ He Touched Me” (1972) ...
  6. 6. “ I Got a Feelin' in My Body” (1974) ...
  7. 7. “ Joshua Fit the Battle” (1960) ...
  8. 8. “ Run On” (1967) ...
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  • The time signature that you choose to use is often left to the interpretation of the musician. However, for gospel musicians playing in church, the time signatures used can depend on the denomination of your church, and also the area you are from. Whilst many denominations share the same gospel songs, they are not always played in the same way.
What's the best elvis gospel remaster?
  • Elvis: Ultimate Gospel completes RCA's cycle of Elvis gospel remasters, which began in 1994 with the two-disc Amazing Grace: His Greatest Sacred Songs and continued with the three-disc box set Peace in the Valley. This one is a solid single-disc sampler, simple but stellar, including roughly half of his officially released gospel material.
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  • I am talking about those songs considered to be American religious music that started on the plantations in Southern America; sung by the Christian African slaves while they worked and attended church.

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Elvis presley.... thats alright (mama)- first release - 1954