How many christians in singapore?

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18.9% of Singaporeans identified as Christians in the 2020 census. Of these, 35.8% or 220,900 people identified as Catholics. Among Protestants, the Methodist Church in Singapore is the largest denomination, with some 42,000 members in 46 churches, as well as Orthodox.


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❔ What percent of singapore is christians?


Christians in Singapore constitute 18.9% of the country's population. In 2020, about 37.1% of the country's Christians identified as Catholic and 62.9% as 'Other Christians' (chiefly Protestants).

❔ Are there many arabian christians?

  • The largest number of Arab Christians are in Egypt (around 8 millions). Many Arabs have emigrated from the Middle East in modern times. In some places such as the Americas, a big number of these Arabs are Christians. In Brazil, there are more than 12 million Arabs, and most of these people are Christian.

❔ How many christians in algeria?

  • How many Christians are there in Algeria ? Christians are a tiny minority in Muslim-majority Algeria. There are around 129,000 in a population of just over 43.3 million. How are Christians persecuted in Algeria?

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How many christians in belarus?

Demographics by region

%Total BelarusVitebsk Region
Eastern Orthodoxy83.379.1
Roman Catholicism6.78.3
How many christians in bhutan?
  • Bhutan’s roughly 19,000 Christians, who are mostly southerners but also from other ethnic groups, are also treated like “second-class” Christians, as described by a pastor, who also requested anonymity.
How many christians in botswana?
  • According to 2001 census data (available on the CIA World Factbook), Botswana population is Christian – 71.6%, Badimo – 6%, other (Islam, Hinduism, Baha’i Faith) – 1.4%, unspecified – 0.4%, none – 20.6% International Religious Freedom Report for 2011 for Botswana (pdf)
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  • Brazil is home to the largest population of Christians in South America, as well as to the greatest number of Catholics of any nation in the world. The country has 180,770,000 Christian adherents. Prevalence of all forms of Christianity stands at 90%.
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Censuses' data

–Bulgarian Orthodox Church7,274,47959.4
How many christians in burundi?

Religion in Burundi is diverse, with Christianity being the dominant faith. According to a 2008 estimate in CIA Factbook, about 86 percent of the population of Burundi is Christian (62.1% being Roman Catholic, 23.9% being Protestant), 7.9% follow traditional religions, and 2.5 percent is Muslim (mainly Sunni).

How many christians in cambodia?
  • Another 1.9% of the population is Muslim, made up almost exclusively of Cham and Malay ethnic minorities. Christianity arrived in Cambodia with the European colonizers, though the faith never spread successfully. Only about 0.4% of the population is Christian.
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  • How many Christians are there in Cameroon? There are 15.9 million Christians in Cameroon. They make up 61.3 per cent of the population. How are Christians persecuted in Cameroon? In the north, Islamic extremist group Boko Haram is active and has kidnapped and killed Christians for their faith.
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  • Christianity in Canada Since the vast majority of settlers and immigrants who colonized Canada came from Europe, European-style Christianity has long been Canada’s most popular religion, and today over 20 million Canadians, or more than 60 per cent of the population, claim Christianity as their faith.
How many christians in chad?

What is the religion of the people of Chad?

  • Religious Beliefs In Chad Rank Belief System Share of Population in Chad 1 Sunni Islam 25.8% 2 Roman Catholic Christianity 23.9% 3 Protestant Christianity 16.9% 4 Non-Denominational Islam 12.3% 4 more rows ...
How many christians in chile?
  • Religion in Chile is predominantly Christian and is diverse under secular principles, due to the freedom of religion established under the Constitution. The sum of two main branches adherents of Christianity decreased from 84% in 2006 to 63% in 2019. According also to the Encuesta Nacional Bicentenario, an estimated 45% of Chileans declared to be part of the Catholic Church and 18% of Protestant or Evangelical churches, 5% of the population adheres to other religion, and 76% of Chileans claims t
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  • Christianity in China. Accurate data on Chinese Christians is hard to access. According to the most recent internal surveys there are approximately 31 million Christians in China today. On the other hand, some international Christian organizations estimate there are tens of millions more, which choose not to publicly identify as such.
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  • Colombia does not have an official religion. However, Roman Catholicism is the dominant faith and deeply culturally pervasive. While the national department of statistics does not record the religious affiliations of the population, various studies and surveys suggest approximately 90% of Colombians are Christian.
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Christianity in the Comoros is a minority religion. Roman Catholics in the Comoros number about 4,300 persons (0.5% of the population); Protestants number about 1,678 (0.25% of the population).

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How many Christians are there in the Congo?

  • The number of Christians of all denominations in the Congo is estimated at over 63 million by the Pew Research Center, a figure representing approximately 95.7 percent of the national population or 2.9 percent of the world's Christians.
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  • Christianity in Croatia An estimated 3.7 million baptized Roman Catholic Christians represent 86.3% of the Croatia's population. 4.4% of Croatians identify as Eastern Orthodox, represented by three major churches. These are the Serbian Orthodox, Bulgarian Orthodox, and Macedonian Orthodox.
How many christians in cuba? The Catholic Church body in Cuba is governed by the Cuban Bishops Conference. There are over six million Catholics – around 60.5% of the total population. The country is divided into eleven dioceses including three archdioceses.The Catholic Church
The Catholic Church
A priest of the regular clergy is commonly addressed with the title "Father" (contracted to Fr, in the Catholic and some other Christian churches). Catholics living a consecrated life or monasticism include both the ordained and unordained. › Priesthood_in_the_Catholic_Church
body in Cuba is governed by the Cuban Bishops Conference. There are over six million Catholics – around 60.5% of the total population. The country is divided into eleven dioceses including three archdioceses.
How many christians in cyprus?


Orthodox population625,4442014
Percent Christian79.3%2014
Percentage Muslim18%2004
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Church of Denmark

How many christians in dominica?

Though this is the case, Christianity still remains as the country's major religion practiced by a large majority in the country. Christians comprise almost 75% of the country's population of approximately 70,000 Dominicans. Of these Christians, roughly 60% are Roman Catholics.