How can you add new icon in computer?

Alysa Bode asked a question: How can you add new icon in computer?
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❔ How do you change 'my computer' icon in vista?

Right-Click the desktopclick propertieslook to the top leftclick change desktop iconsclick the My Computer iconclick change icon

❔ Change safari icon?

it's very simple. you cant change the one that installs with the program. But you can just create your own. copy a shortcut and change the target and location to safari then change your icon under properties

❔ How do you change the image of a computer icon in windows 7?

You right click the file then go to the customize tab and click on "Change Icon..." and you should be good to go!

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click on the thing u want 2 change go to propoties click customize go 2 change icon change icon click apply click ok

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How can i change the ugly icon tvt?

Delete ugly then put a TvT icon

How do you change your icon on

Which icon are you talking about ? Drop me a message via my board and I'll try to answr.

What icon do you press to change language?

go to the icon at the top of thr screen when you are logging in it will be a flag click that and the language will instantly change to what you wanted it to be, what icon

What is the purpose of an icon packager?

An Icon Packager is a program that can change almost all Windows icons at once by using "packages" of icons. Information about an Icon Packager can be located on the website 'Star Dock'.

Where is the book icon in monkey quest?

look in the library

How do you change the icon colour on ipod?

You need to jail break it.

How do you change the icon for an object?

Right-click and go to properties and look for the icon section.

How do you change your icon on snoopys fair?

You can change icons by clicking on the box in the top left corner that says, My Fair. When you click it, something comes up that says,Change your player icon. Click on that, then icon chooses will come up. You can get more icons by collecting from stands. They will randomly come up.

How often can you change your evony face icon?

You can only change it once.

On youtube how do you change your channel icon?

Go to the account tab, and under the place your icon is, is the 'change' button. Click it, and select your picture. Hope it helped~♥

How do you change an application icon on a mac?

Find the application you want to change and select the settings in it, from there you should be able to change the icon to whatever you want.

How do you change an icon on a downloaded file?

On windows xp + vista you:

  1. right click
  2. Click on "customize" tab
  3. Click "change icon" if you downloaded an icon, save it, then click "browse"on the change icon window.
How do you change the volume icon on windows xp?

You cant change it Answer You can't change it easily.

Which icon would you use to change text to italic?


How do you change the borland c plus plus application icon?

Change the icon in the application's resource file, then recompile.

How do you change the facetime icon on your ipod touch?


How do you change your icon in super street fighter iv?

tap your icon and then change it

How do you change your icon on flip note hatena dsi?

Go to "Edit Icon" and pick your icon.

How do icons appear on the desktop if auto arrange icon is selected?

Your icons will arrange themselves automatically when auto arrange is selected on a Windows PC. You will have to switch off this feature in order to arrange the icons yourself.

How do you change the icon if you make a blog from blogger?

To change blogger blog icon, go to layout - at the top, there is a box named favicon - click it and upload your icon. That's it.

Can you change your aim icon through the internet other than using aim's website?

Yes, i like to use this website: Hope this helps P.S. Any icon website, when you save the icon, it should ask you if you'd like to use that icon. If not, I think that there is a button somewhere on your buddy list that lets you change it.

How do you change your level icon in call of duty world at war?

The only way to change the level icon on the game Call of Duty: World at War is by leveling up. As a player levels up their icon will automatically change.

What level do you have to be to get a teleport icon on binweevils?

you change your binweevil acount