Do prisons allow bibles?

Jordane Sporer asked a question: Do prisons allow bibles?
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barring all books, magazines and newspapers – except for the Bible – from being sent to prisoners is unconstitutional… The ACLU lawsuit charges that since 2008, copies of Prison Legal News and books sent to prisoners at the detention center have been returned to sender, or simply discarded.


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❔ Who gives free bibles? Bibles for America will send a free copy of the Recovery Version of the Bible. This version was first published in 1985 by Living Stream Ministry, and the one they send out will be only a New Testament. They'll send one copy out to you free of charge, with shipping paid.

❔ Do prisoners get free bibles?

Bible Truth Publishers supplies free Bibles in English and Spanish to prisoners in the United States prison system. In some prisons, an individual is not allowed to send items to prisoners while a charitable organization, such as Bible Truth Publishers, may do so…

❔ Why are bibles banned in somalia?

  • Bibles are banned and those found in possession of one face imprisonment, torture and even death – as do up to three generations of their family. Somalia – Christians residing in Somalia face constant persecution from radical Islamists and government officials.

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