Did jesus ever meet a demon-possessed person?

Jewel Kreiger asked a question: Did jesus ever meet a demon-possessed person?
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  • But now in His public ministry Jesus encountered humans who had been so controlled by evil forces that they were completely out of control. We use the expression “demon-possessed” to describe these folks, because the demons took control of their faculties and tormented and twisted their lives out of control.


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❔ Did gospel authors knew jesus in person?

  • Those who wrote the Gospels did not know Jesus personally. None of them were eye witnesses: they did not wander around with Jesus with pens and paper writing down everything he said and did! Instead, When we look at the Gospels it is easy to see that Luke heard stories that Mark, Matthew and John did not, the Good Samaritan for example.

❔ Did jesus and john the baptist ever meet?

In the Gospel of John

John 1:35–37 narrates an encounter, between Jesus and two of his future disciples, who were then disciples of John the Baptist.

❔ Did jesus ever go to judea?

  • Jesus in Judea. Many scholars believe that the Synoptic Gospels contain little evidence that Jesus ever toured Judea. Robert Lindsey disagreed. He believed that there is sufficient evidence in Matthew, Mark and Luke to support the existence of a Judean ministry, and that Judea is the setting of many of the Gospel stories.

❔ Did jesus ever repent?

  • He does repent. No, he doesn't repent. And the difference would naturally be that God's repentance happens in spite of perfect foreknowledge - and that is what it means to be God - while most human repentance happens because we lack foreknowledge. God's way of repenting is unique to God.

❔ Did luke ever meet jesus?

  • Ten Things You Might Not Know About Luke 1. Luke never met Jesus. In fact, none of the evangelists did.

❔ Did luke the gospel writer ever meet jesus?

  • Luke never met Jesus . In fact, none of the evangelists did. After the Resurrection, the Apostles went out to preach the good news, as instructed by Jesus, handing on stories of his miracles, sayings, teachings, and most importantly, passion, death and Resurrection, to the new Christian communities they founded.

❔ Did moses ever meet jesus?

No… they never met… Moses was not alive when Jesus was born. Moses led his people through the dessert for 40 years. The romans has already conquered Jerusalem by the time Jesus was born.

❔ How can we meet with jesus christ?

  • Another way we could meet with Jesus Christ is by the Word of God. This could happen when we hear a Believer ministers the Word of God or via personal Bible readings. Note the Bible says “all things”. This is not just talking about the Word of God and Scriptures and stuff.

❔ How did jesus meet lazarus?

One day, Lazarus got very sick. His sisters sent word to Jesus and told him about their brother and asked Him to come. Jesus was in another town, so He didn't come right away. When Jesus finally arrived, Martha ran to meet Him and told Him that Lazarus had died four days earlier.

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What did jesus do to meet people?
  • Jesus left room in his schedule for interruptions by friends and others enlisting his help. Jesus usually met people on their own turf. Jesus was interested in establishing common ground with others. Witnessing is a science, an art, and a mystery.
When did matthew, luke, and john meet jesus?
  • Matthew and Luke fit between those dates; say, between 70 AD and 95 AD. On a mainstream scholarly analysis of dates, Mark could have met Jesus, though it is unlikely, Matthew might have but probably didn’t, John almost certainly didn’t, and Luke never claimed that he had.
Where did jesus meet his disciples after his resurrection?
  • John records this as the third time Jesus had appeared to a group of disciples following His resurrection (John 21:14). Matthew’s Gospel ends with the risen Jesus meeting the apostles in Galilee (Matthew 28:16-20). Jesus receives worship from His followers.
Where did jesus meet the woman at the well?
  • He met her by a well — Jacob’s well— in the Samarian town called Sychar, where he had come to rest on his journey from Judea to Galilea, his body weary and thirsty from traveling. (Jn 4:6) As he watched her fill her pitcher with water from the earth, he asked, “would you give me a drink?” (Jn 4:7).
Which is gospel writer did not meet jesus?
  • John is identified by Irenaeus (2nd cent.), based on the testimony of his teacher, Polycarp (2nd cent.), who was himself a disciple of John. Since this John was one of the apostles, he knew Jesus well. So of all the gospel writers, only Luke did not meet Jesus before his crucifixion.
Will jesus ever come again?
  • Jesus will come again—God has promised this in His Word. Further, He persistently encourages believers to bear witness to His love and forgiveness. This message is rooted in the death and resurrection of Christ. Be assured, people in this world desperately want to know Jesus. How can we know this?