Can a christian remain uninvolved in politics?

Emily Leffler asked a question: Can a christian remain uninvolved in politics?
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  • My point is not that Christians should remain totally uninvolved in politics or civic activities and causes. They ought to express their political beliefs in the voting booth, and it is appropriate to support legitimate measures designed to correct a glaring social or political wrong.


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❔ Can a christian be a critic of utilitarianism?

  • Logical criticisms of a theory have their place, but as Christians we are not simply concerned with whether utilitarianism is logically flawed or not. At its core, utilitarianism expresses that man is chiefly concerned with a desire for pleasure, and that pleasure is the nature of goodness.

❔ Can a christian be a lawyer in canada?

  • For one thing, it’s only in Ontario and British Columbia where the ban is in effect. Also, the basis of the ban is that Christians cannot be lawyers if they believe that sex before marriage or outside of marriage is morally wrong. Let’s take a look at an article from the less leftist of Canada’s National newspapers, the National Post.

❔ Can a christian employer witness to their employees?

  • Despite the right Christian employers have to share their faith with customers, federal and state laws regulate the rights of Christian business owners to witness to their employees. Many Christian employers desire to witness to the spiritual needs of their employees, but at the same time, want to comply with employment laws to avoid being sued.

❔ Can a christian force people into the kingdom?

  • We cannot force people into a Christian kingdom. Rather, He has called us to proclaim the message of salvation—the redeeming power and life-transforming message of Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection ( Romans 10:9–11 ). Should Christians try to force the kingdom on others?

❔ Can a christian missionary bring about positive change?

  • Missionaries, as long as they are operating as Christian missionaries and not as “Western” missionaries, can bring about positive change in a culture. Let me explain. “Western” missionaries are the type who bring Western culture, including Christian culture, to other cultures.

❔ Can a christian song help a cancer patient?

  • Sometimes just the right song can change your total outlook on life. For the cancer patient that song could truly brighten their day. It can put hope into an otherwise hopeless circumstance. For the Christian who suffers from cancer, though they have hope unlike the unbeliever they sometimes need a reminder.

❔ Can a christian use mindfulness as a therapy?

  • Yes! Christians and many faith-based counselors use mindfulness in a Christ-integrated way as a therapy tool. They believe mindfulness can be compatible with a biblical worldview — as long as it’s rooted in Scripture and focuses on connecting with God.

❔ Can a genuine christian become an apostate?

  • Someone who once professed to be a Christian may become apostate. But a genuine Christian cannot become apostate. Those who apostatize demonstrate that they were never genuine Christians: “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us.

❔ Can i listen to christian music on siriusxm?

  • Listen & stream Christian music channels on SiriusXM. Find your favorite christian music station or discover new ones today. Skip Navigation Menu Menu What's On Browse Content Channel Guide Music Sports Howard Stern News & Issues Talk & Entertainment Comedy Podcasts Hear & Now Blog Try SiriusXM Free Trial: In My Car Free Trial: On the SXM App

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  • In short, it’s impossible to answer the question what is a Christian? without ending up in a conversation about the church; at least, in the Bible it is.
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  • Answer: Spiritual maturity is achieved through becoming more like Jesus Christ. After salvation, every Christian begins the process of spiritual growth, with the intent to become spiritually mature.
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  • For the Christian, political activism ought to be about loving your neighbour. For the Christian, political activism ought to be about loving your neighbour. Just as a doctor treats the sick and a school teacher educates children, politics should be about serving the common good of the community.
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