Are there any christians that live in qatar?

Adrien Bogisich asked a question: Are there any christians that live in qatar?
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Christianity in qatar. this is how christians in qatar worship .

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  • There are two groups of Christians in Qatar that are strictly separated from each other. Expatriate communities consisting of Christian migrant workers are the biggest group. The government only allows them to worship in public at a designated place outside the capital Doha.


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  • There was no prohibition of or action to discourage specific religions or religious factions. The government provided legal status to Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Coptic, and many Indian Christian churches. The government allowed recognized congregations to open bank accounts and to sponsor clergy for visas.

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Christianity thrives in qatar

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Are there christians in qatar?

What is life like for a Christian in Qatar?

  • Life for Christians in Qatar can look very different depending on what type of Christian you are. There are two general categories: Christian foreigners, most of whom are migrant workers, and Christians who have converted from Islam. Foreign workers who are Christians are much freer to worship.
How many christians are there in qatar?
  • Christianity in Qatar. The Christian community in Qatar is a diverse mix of European, North and South American, Asian, Middle Eastern and African expatriates. They form around 13.8% of the total population (2010).
How many christians in qatar?

Qatar is a multi-religious society like most of the Persian Gulf countries with waves of migration over the last 30 years. Muslims form 65.5% of the Qatari population, followed by Hindus at 15.4%, Christians at 14.2%, Buddhists at 3.3% and the rest 1.9% of the population follow other religions or are unaffiliated.

Is there any freedom of religion in qatar?
  • The Constitution of Qatar provides for the freedom of religion in the country. However, proselytizing by non-Muslims is a punishable offense. Apostasy by Muslims is also punishable by law.
What percent of qatar is christians?

What is the percentage of Muslims in Qatar?

  • Muslims account for 67.7% of the population of Qatar. 13.8% of the population adheres to Christianity while an equal percentage are Hindus also live in the nation. 3.1% of the population adhere to Buddhism. The remaining 1.6% of the population of Qatar are either unaffiliated or are followers of other religions.

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Arab christians' plight under spotlight in qatar conference Where can christians pray in qatar?
  • There’s no need to worry in finding a holy place to pray here in Qatar. Below is a list of accessible churches for Christians in Qatar. Some include churches for Catholic, Orthodox, Syro Malabar, Anglican, Baptist, Marthomite and others. Here are there locations as well as other contact information.

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