Are there any christian churches in iraq?

Dale Hilpert asked a question: Are there any christian churches in iraq?
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Iraqi christians rebuild churches after isil

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  • Christianity in Iraq. Since then, it has been estimated that the number of Christians in Iraq have dropped to as low as 250,000 in 2018. However, due to a lack of an official census, the number is difficult to estimate. The most widely followed denomination among Iraq Christians is the Chaldean Catholic Church.


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  • Learn more about the secret communities of Christians in Morocco. Christianity first entered Morocco during the Roman era. After Islam came to the country, the numbers of Christians fell.

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  • According to Sibongile Nxumalo, the Christian missionaries that ignored or misconstrued "the positive aspects of traditional beliefs, customs and institutions of Swazi society" have largely been unsuccessful. More successful missions have adopted a syncretic approach.

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  • Christian missions from several countries are active in Yemen. There are hospitals that belong to foreign Christian institutions. Protestants make up less than 1% of the population of Yemen. An American Baptist congregation is affiliated with a hospital in Jibla. The Anglican Church runs two charitable clinics in Aden.

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  • And there is An Christian school in Hargeisa Somaliland it call Abaarso Tech School. Most Christian adherents come from the Bantu ethnic minority group, or are descended from Italian colonists and belong to the Evangelical and Wesleyan Church of the Nazarene. There is one Catholic diocese for the entire country, the Diocese of Mogadishu.

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  • Fuheis and Al Husn are two predominantly Christian towns of Jordan. The world's oldest built church exists in the city of Aqaba, southern Jordan. There are many Christian schools in Jordan that educate students from both Christian and Muslim families.

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  • Spain has been seen as a graveyard for Protestant missionaries: only 1% of the population of Spain is Protestant and 92% of Spain's 8,131 villages do not have any evangelical protestant church. . Most Spaniards do not participate regularly in religious worship.

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  • Free church music resources give your church more without hurting your budget. While plenty of paid music resources exist, smaller churches can’t always afford these. However, you can do amazing things with free music while boosting your church’s engagement.

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  • There is a Greek Orthodox congregation which has its own church of St George, part of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy and Malta until the erection of a Malta exarchate in 2021. The Romanian Orthodox Church congregation worships in St Roque's Church and is part of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Italy.

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  • In Cyprus, there are many Churches in each town and village, each one devoted to a different Saint, or to the Virgin Mary. Most people attend Church during festivities such as Christmas, Easter, weddings, christenings, funerals or on Sundays. Apart from the many Churches there are also many monasteries which can be dated thousands of years ago.

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Iraqi christians celebrate easter in baghdad

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  • The National Church of Nigeria (previously known as the Nigerian Ecumenical Centre and officially known as the National Christian Centre) is a non-denominational church building of the Christian Association of Nigeria, the umbrella body of many of Nigeria's Christian denominations.
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  • The Indonesian military forces formerly stationed in the country included a significant number of Protestants, who played a major role in establishing Protestant churches in the territory. Fewer than half of those congregations existed after September 1999, and many Protestants were among those who remained in West Timor.
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  • Russian Orthodox churches experience the fewest problems from the government because they do not usually attempt to evangelize the Kazakh population. It is the Kazakh Christians from a Muslim background who bear the worst persecution, both at the hands of the state and from family, friends and community.

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Sr. luma khudher, op - “the situation of christians in iraq